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Chimney Repairs and Solutions

Chimney Repair Essex

T. Craft Building have 35 years of experience in maintaining chimneys and providing chimney repair in Essex. There is not much that we don’t know or haven’t seen, if you are looking for solutions or repairs on your chimney you have come to the right place!

With a vast range of knowledge T. Craft Building can provide with you with numerous services such as:

  • Chimney Removal

If a chimney stack becomes unsafe or starts to lean then it will need to be removed, we can do this efficiently and rebuild the stack for you.

  • Various Cowls and Chimney Pots

There are many different cowls and pots that are available from T.Craft Building, with bedded and fitted pots and clay mushroom cowls you know that you can be provided the very best option for your chimney. T.Craft Building also supply bird retardant cowls for chimneys that are still in use.

  • Lead Flashing

So that the sides, front and back of your chimney are secure from water penetration, we provide lead flashing which seals the points that vertical surfaces meet to prevent leaks.

  • Identifying Down Draft and Finding Solutions

There can be many reasons for down draft, however when this occurs T.Craft Building can identify the cause and provide solutions by increasing the chimney draw, and inserting assisting cowls e.g. Aspirators and rotary blade cowls.

  • Chimney Repointing / Pointing

A chimney stack is located in a very exposed place, therefore it is not uncommon for the pointing to crumble. T.Craft Building can provide both pointing and re-pointing services.

  • Chimney Capping and Vent Repair Services

If you no longer need your chimney but it is stable enough to not have it removed, T.Craft Building can cap your chimney stack so it will no longer be in use.

If you want the very best workmanship at a competitive price, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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